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When a Police Officer notifies a Youth Justice Coordinator about an offence a Family Conference is held to make a decision about what will happen to you. Your parents or guardians, close relatives, the victim of the offence and his/her parents (if under 18), a Police Officer and yourself will be present. You are entitled to legal advice at the conference.

The Family Group Conference has a number of powers. It can:

  • Warn you about further offending
  • Require you to enter into an undertaking to pay compensation to the victim
  • Require you to enter into an undertaking to carry out a specific period of community services (not exceeding 300 hours)
  • Require you to enter into an undertaking to apologise to the victim, or
  • Anything else that is appropriate.

If you do not attend the Family Conference, do not comply with the requirements of the Conference or the undertaking, the Police Officer may lay a charge before the Youth Court and the judge or magistrate will decide what to do. You do not have to tell anyone, e.g. an employer, that you have been to a Family Group Conference.

The victim is the only person who has the right to be advised of the outcome of a conference.

[Young Offenders Act 1993 (SA) ss 10, 11, 12 & 58]

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