Exercising rights through a representative

A victim may choose an "appropriate representative" to exercise their rights under the Victims of Crime Act 2001 (SA) or any other Act that gives victims rights [Victims of Crime Act 2001 (SA) s 32A]. Such rights would include the right to request information, to make a compensation claim, and to present a victim impact statement.

An "appropriate representative" can only be:

  • an officer of the court;
  • the Commissioner for Victims' Rights, or a person acting on behalf of the Commissioner for Victims' Rights;
  • an officer or employee of an organisation whose functions consist of, or include, the provision of support or services to victims of crime;
  • a relative of the victim (there is no definition of who is included as a 'relative');
  • another person who, in the opinion of the Commissioner for Victims' Rights, would be suitable to act as an appropriate representative.
Exercising rights through a representative  :  Last Revised: Fri Oct 8th 2010
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