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Photography and film in public spaces

There are no general restrictions on the taking of photographs or film in a public place or from a public place. The only restrictions would be that the photo not: be indecent (such as 'up skirt' photos); of a child in a provocative or sexual manner; protected by a court order (eg. child custody or witness protection); defamatory or being used for commercial purposes.

If the photos or film are being taken on private property, then the owner of that property may impose their own limitations on who can take photos of what. This means that if a sporting club uses council owned property for its events then the council may impose limitations on photography. This does not stop someone taking photos of the private property from a public place outside that property.

Many filming devices also have audio recording capability, please see the section on ??? for more on this.

Photography and film in public spaces  :  Last Revised: Tue Dec 5th 2017
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