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Debts and Overpayments

What does Centrelink define as a debt?

A debt is any payment made by Centrelink to someone who is not entitled to it. Where an overpayment has been made Centrelink raises a debt against that person for the amount overpaid.

A debt can also arise in a variety of situations ranging from a person incorrectly receiving a payment through no fault of their own to a person incorrectly receiving a payment as a result of deliberate fraud.

If you are notified of a debt by Centrelink always seek independent advice on whether in fact the debt is owed. Independent advice can be sought from either the Uniting Communities Law Centre or the Legal Services Commission of South Australia. Debts can sometimes be raised in error by Centrelink, or an error may have been made as to the amount owed.

Debts and Overpayments  :  Last Revised: Wed Aug 16th 2017
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