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Residential Development Code

In 2009 a new Residential Development Code came into force. The Code covers exempt development, creates a new category of development requiring building consent only and expands the types of development categorized as complying development

Exempt development

An exempt development does not require development assessment or approval. It includes minor residential developments which homeowners commonly undertake to improve their properties. Examples include sheds up to 15 square metres in area (with some conditions), pergolas (with some conditions, including not having a hard roof, decks no more than 50cm above the ground (with some conditions), shade sails to 20 square metres and not higher than 3 metres (with some conditions), water tanks to 10 square metres (with some conditions), roller doors (with some conditions) and fences to 2.1 metres in height (with some conditions).

Exempt development applies in most areas of South Australia except for Flood zones, the Hills Face Zone and heritage areas.

Development requiring building consent only

For safety reasons some development requires building consent only. They include carports to 40 square metres (with some conditions), sheds 15-40 square metres (with some conditions), verandahs (with some conditions),swimming pools and spas (with some conditions), shade sails 20-40 square metres and no higher than 3 metres (with some conditions) and solar panels (with some conditions).

Again this applies in most areas of South Australia with exceptions including Flood Zones, the Hills Face Zone and heritage areas.

There is a maximum 25 working day approval time for these developments.

Residential Development Code  :  Last Revised: Fri Aug 22nd 2014
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