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Other sources of Council revenue

Another way Councils receive money is by charging fees for some of the services they provide. You may be charged to dump rubbish at the waste depot; swim in the public pool or use other recreational facilities; register your dog; or to lodge a building application. Parking fines are another source of council revenue.

Councils also receive grants and subsidies from the State or Federal Governments. These can be tied to specific programs or available for general use.

Sometimes Councils decide to provide a major service or facility, such as a new recreation centre by borrowing the necessary funds. As with all loans, the Council must eventually pay this money back, with interest. However, the advantage of using loan funds is that the Council can pay for the project over many years without affecting the other services it provides. It also spreads the burden over a wide range of present and future users of the facilities.

Other sources of Council revenue  :  Last Revised: Thu Aug 21st 2014
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