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Getting title information

All certificates of title for land in South Australia are held electronically. On payment of a fee, anyone can do a search on property details contained on a certificate of title, either online or at the Lands Titles Office. It is possible to obtain a copy of the certificate of title which will including information such as:

  • the owner of the land
  • any registered constraints such as a mortgage or a caveat
  • the legal description of the land
  • survey information

Other separate searches can be done to show information such as:

  • historical transactions
  • the price and date of the last sale of the property
  • the statutory values of the property that are currently used for rating and taxing purposes
  • the actual land use
  • improvements on the property

Duplicate certificates of title are no longer issued in South Australia.

It is possible to suppress certain details about the registered proprietor of a property if there is a risk to someone’s safety as a result of the information being made publicly available. For more information, contact the Lands Titles Office for an application pack.

Getting title information  :  Last Revised: Fri Dec 23rd 2016
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