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Development of the community title: staging and tiering

The Community Titles Act 1996 (SA) allows for the future development of a scheme in two ways:


Staging involves the inclusion of a development lot that is to be divided at a later time to create extra lots within that scheme.


Tiering allows for the management of large or mixed land use developments. It allows a lot in a community or community strata scheme to be further divided to create a subservient scheme and managerial structures (‘tiered’ management). The first community plan lodged over an allotment is a primary plan of community division, which creates primary lots, primary common property and a primary community corporation. A lot in a primary scheme can be divided by a secondary scheme to create lots and common property and a community corporation at a secondary level. A lot in a secondary scheme can further be divided by a tertiary scheme to create lots and common property and a community corporation at a tertiary level. Corporations in the lower tiers will be members of the corporation of the tier above.

Primary lots do not have to be further divided into secondary lots, and most divisions do not go beyond the primary level. Most residential schemes, consisting only of a moderate number of residential lots, will be a primary community corporation and have only one level of management. Complex schemes involving residential, commercial and even recreational uses should form secondary or tertiary community corporations. For example, a development with a large retail section and fifteen smaller residential lots would most likely have one primary corporation covering the entire development and two secondary corporations, one for the residential lots and one for the retail lots. A tiered management structure may also be set up where there is a large number of lots in a community parcel, even if each of the lots is used for the same purpose.

Each level of the scheme has its own common property, which its corporation will manage. Schemes of more than one level can be complex and prospective purchasers should seek independent legal advice before buying into a scheme of this nature.

Development of the community title: staging and tiering  :  Last Revised: Thu Jul 17th 2014
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