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Getting help from your employer

Some employers have agreed to providing specific rights and entitlements for workers experiencing family violence. To find out whether a particular workplace has done so, check the worker's enterprise agreement or award. The specific rights and entitlements acknowledge that family violence can have an impact on a worker's performance, productivity and safety at work.

The Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse has created the Safe At Home Safe At Work toolkit as part of its wider Domestic Violence Workplace Rights and Entitlements Project.

The toolkit includes a booklet called Keeping you and your job safe: Information for workers experiencing family violence and How to guides: model policies, procedures and safety plans for employers, employees and unions to assist employers improve their workplace response to family violence in the interests of workers' productivity, safety and retention at work.

Getting help from your employer  :  Last Revised: Tue Mar 25th 2014
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