What is a Crime?
General Principles in Criminal Law
Elements of a Criminal Offence
Types of Crimes and Courts
Summary Offences
Minor Indictable Offences
Major Indictable Offences
Youth Offences
Magistrates Court Diversion Program
Coroner's Court
The Jury
Common Offences
Offences against the person
Offences against property
Offences against police
Offences against public order and similar offences
Other offences
Weapons offences
Traffic Offences
Driver's Licences
Demerit Points
Alcohol, Drugs and Driving
Defect Notices
Driving Offences
Parking Offences
Pedestrian Offences
Public transport passenger offences
Possible Outcomes of Traffic Offences
Sexual Offences
Types of Sexual Assaults
Other Sexual Offences
Compensation for Victims
Legal Procedures
Drug Offences
Aggravated offences
Simple Cannabis Offences
Possession for personal use
Manufacture, Cultivation and Sale
Sale or Possession of Instructions
Possession or Sale of Equipment
Production, promotion and sale of controlled drug alternatives
Sentencing Principles
Diversionary Schemes
Police Powers
Additional Offences
Customs Act offences
Serious and Organised Crime
Organised crime, declared organisations and criminal associations
Participation in criminal organisation
Unexplained wealth orders
Defence of property
Mental Impairment
Self defence
Assistance for Suspects, Victims, and Witnesses with Communication Needs
Interviewing vulnerable witnesses
What is a Crime?  :  Last Revised: Fri Jun 6th 2014
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